About Fantail - Designer Florist and Cut Garden


Fantail is a multi-award winning florist in Sheffield with a 'garage-studio' and cut garden overlooking fields in the picturesque village of Holdworth, South Yorkshire.

Fantail - Designer Florist & Cut Garden is the brainchild of New Zealand born Samantha Coventry. Always with an eye for creativity, for 15 years Sam worked as a designer of interiors and furniture. From an early age Sam has been interested in floral design, competing in shows from the age of four, and placing against children and adults much older than her. Her visual attentiveness for colour, balance and co-ordination saw her receive awards, We are proud to have won Best Florist in 'Britain's Asian Awards' and Best Florist in Yorkshire at the 'English Wedding Awards' and the honour of being finalists in The Wedding Industry Awards, Hitched.co.uk 'Breakthrough Florist' category.

Sam turned her flair and creativity exclusively to wedding floristry in 2010 and now averaging over 40 weddings a year we have a firm reputation of being one of the best wedding florists in not only Sheffield but all of Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.


"We are passionate, proud and love what we do."

We have the pleasure of working along side a wide range of venues being on top of their list of recommended suppliers as we have the ability to tailor our designs to compliment venues from the quirky to the lavish tailoring to every budget and style of bride or groom.

We love designing and creating flowers for weddings.  It’s something we know a lot about and is something that is constantly changing and evolving. At Fantail, we aim to always set trends by taking inspiration from all corners of the world, creating wedding flowers that are as individual as our brides and grooms. We are now leading Sheffield in promoting British Grown Flowers - yes that's right! We're now growing our own flowers in our very own cut garden. Though we're not a flower farm as such we are taking pirde and growing flower and foliage to incporate alongside wedding flowers from our partners in Holland. 

We arrange photoshoots which are regularly featured in top UK blogs such as ‘Brides Up North’, ‘Love My Dress’, ‘BRIDES’, ‘Whimsical Weddings’, ‘Boho Wedding Blog’ and ‘The English Wedding Blog’, to name a few, creating stunning portfolios and themes in conjunction with local photographers, wedding dress suppliers and venues.

We have had the privilege to supply flowers for renowned businesses and bodies such as World Snooker and to be featured on the popular Channel 4 TV show ‘Grand Designs’. We supply flowers to all budgets from very high-end clients to the smallest posy, and are specified suppliers to a selection of wedding venues including Sheffield’s own Kelham Island Museum.

Our latest project involves our local environment and BEES. Fantail have instigated and have closely worked with our local primary school to set up a bee apiary. As florists we know only too well the importance of bees, how they interact with the local environment and what impact climate change is having on them. Not only that, three years ago we took the decision to buy a fully plug-in electric van for us to make our deliveries and collections.  We want to lead the florist industry in this field and although this has been a challenge at times, we had to become experts at planning journeys and occasionally incorporating charging stops to our routes, we recognise the damage that petrol and diesel emissions are having to our environment both on a local and global level and are determined to play our part in combatting those emissions.

To continue the environmentally friendly drive, all the bags and wrapping we hand to customers are made of paper and we now supply all flower bouquet deliveries out of water, unless an aqua pack is specifically ordered separately.

There is a massive surge of responsibility as florists to go back to ‘FOAM FREE’ arrangements. This is should be the top of all florists mind when creating foam arrangements. The foam itself is not completely bio-degradable leaving up to a 1/3 still in landfill, not to mention the certain chemicals within the foam. There is a lot of pressure in this industry to cut back, but as one of the leading florists of South Yorkshire we do create foam free arrangements already and ones that we would usually use foam we try to raise to the challenge and think how can we re-create this without foam.

We may be a little flower shop but we have big ideas in trying to make and help the industry more environmentally aware and sustainable.